Cult Crackers

Cult Crackers are Swedish style crackers baked by hand in Berkeley, California. Made with all-organic ingredients, they're packed with seeds, so they’re full of flavor and crunch. You can top them off with cheese or a spread, or just snack on them right out of the package. That's what we do.

  • super crunchy

  • clean & organic

  • totally addicting

  • loaded with seeds

  • no gluten

  • no added sugar

  • non-gmo

  • compostable packaging



Find Cult Crackers @ these local shops

Berkeley Natural Grocery            1336 Gilman St                Albany
Cheese Board                               1504 Shattuck Avenue     Berkeley
Country Cheese Coffee Market    2101 San Pablo Ave        Berkeley
Country Cheese Coffee Market   1578 Hopkins St               Berkeley
El Cerrito Natural Grocery           10367 San Pablo Ave       El Cerrito
Monterey Market                           1550 Hopkins Street        Berkeley
San Francisco Wine & Cheese     141 Gough St                  San Francisco
Village Market                                5885 Broadway Terrace  Oakland




A little bit about us: We're Birgitta and Dianna (BirDi). We're baking awesome crackers in our dedicated gluten-free kitchen space @ the Berkeley Kitchens, a community of small food producers.

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