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Guild Member Spotlight: Cult Crackers

Guild Member Spotlight: Cult Crackers
Extracted from the January 6, 2020 Good Food Guild Bi-Monthly.

In this month's Guild Spotlight, we focus on Cult Crackers of Berkeley. Co-founders Birgitta and Dianna are friends who met when their daughters were in school together. At the time, Birgitta worked for her family's Swedish cookware company and Dianna was the Editorial Director for an e-commerce brand.

Birgitta often brought homemade Swedish crackers to school events and cookware trade shows and people would say, "forget the pans, sell those crackers!" When Birgitta asked Dianna, a professionally trained cook, to help her give them a California twist – Cult Crackers was born.

Sustainable packaging is also an important part of Cult Crackers' mission, second only to making a great tasting cracker. Their first container was compostable and they recently transitioned into a recyclable pouch with a brand new look.

Cult Crackers has learned a lot from fellow crafters in the Guild, including the jam makers, bread bakers and chocolatiers who've become their mentors as well as the buyers who took a chance on their new product at the 2018 Mercantile and are now their biggest supporters.

Birgitta and Dianna would be more than happy to share their crackers with any jam, cheese, or dip crafters needing a good vehicle to show off their products at the next week's Mercantile.